We are set to treat myopia,


Our Mission

Dopavision is pioneering the development of innovative solutions that target the eye’s innate dopamine pathway to address unmet needs in ophthalmology using digitally delivered light. We are developing a game-changing intervention for childhood myopia that can be easily administered via a smartphone app. Our goal is to provide a clinically validated therapeutic to help in the fight against the global myopia crisis.

MyopiaX® Clinical Trial

Our lead product is MyopiaX®, a breakthrough technology targeting myopia in children and adolescents. It has the potential to become the first myopia intervention to target the eye’s dopamine pathway using digitally delivered light. MyopiaX® leverages our patented, light-based technology to stimulate specific photosensitive cells in the retina with the aim of impacting myopia progression.

MyopiaX® is undergoing clinical investigation in a multicentric, randomized, controlled interventional study. The trial assesses the safety, tolerability, and signals of clinical effect of MyopiaX® on the progression of myopia in children (NCT04967287). The MyopiaX® clinical trial is an important step toward achieving our goal of providing a low-risk clinically validated digital therapeutic for childhood myopia.

The Global Myopia Crisis

Myopia – also known as nearsightedness – is a major public health concern, expected to reach a global prevalence of 50% by 2050. It manifests as blurring of distant objects due to images focusing in front of the retina instead of falling on the retina. This is most often caused by excessive elongation of the eyeball during growth. Severe cases of myopia are associated with sight-threatening conditions, including glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, and myopic maculopathy.

At present, interrupting disease progression in children and young adults is regarded as the most promising approach to prevent severe impairments at a later age. We support this myopia management strategy on our mission by developing a transformative intervention that aims to address the condition at an early stage, providing medical benefits for later years of life.

Our Product

Our lead product is MyopiaX®, a breakthrough technology targeted at children and young adolescents. It has the potential to become the first digital therapy to control childhood myopia, leveraging our patented, light-based technology that stimulates specific photosensitive cells in the retina.

MyopiaX® is designed to achieve a medical effect while children play exciting games or use educational digital content. It runs on standard digital devices and is easy to use for children under minimal supervision of their parents. A clinical investigation evaluating the efficacy of MyopiaX® is currently underway.

Our Partners

Dopavision is funded as part of the BMBF’s Industry-in-Clinic Platform Program (FKZ: 13GW0625)