Our Product: MyopiaX®

MyopiaX® is an application for smartphones that provides an intervention to impact the progression of myopia in children and adolescents. Used together with a virtual reality headset and a Bluetooth controller, MyopiaX® is an innovative, non-invasive method to manage myopia that is portable, fun, and easy for children to use.

Use the MyopiaX® app to start a session, keep track of usage and performance to optimize treatment, customize daily availability, and much more. Each session with MyopiaX® delivers a light stimulus on top of the virtual reality game. The goal is to increase dopamine levels in the retina and affect the progression of myopia. Learn more about how MyopiaX® works on our Science page.

Our App

MyopiaX® has been designed specifically for children, providing a fun and exciting intervention while adhering to medical device regulations. It is performed daily in two short sessions, making it easy to integrate MyopiaX® into existing routines. Performance and adherence logging in the app help ensure that all sessions are being completed. Usability studies with children and their families confirmed that MyopiaX® is intuitive, fun, and easy for children to use under minimal supervision.

Designed with Children in Mind

MyopiaX® has been developed to deliver a medical effect while children engage with digital content. Each step in the development of MyopiaX® has involved children and their families. We used feedback from usability studies to ensure that MyopiaX® is appropriately tailored to children. Our extensive usability engineering studies exceed the standard requirements to evaluate the usability of a medical device as it relates to safety and have been central to the continuous improvement of technical components of the app, as well as the overall user experience of MyopiaX®.

Developed According to Medical Device Standards

MyopiaX® has been designed and developed in accordance with medical device standards of safety related to everyday use. MyopiaX® is accompanied by comprehensive technical documentation that takes into consideration all relevant norms, including those for software lifecycle management (EN 62304) and risk management (ISO 14971). Our goal is to be certified as a medical device under European and other medical device regulations. The results of our ongoing research and clinical trial will inform regulatory activities to obtain certification of MyopiaX® as a medical device.

More About MyopiaX®

MyopiaX® is designed to be used daily. Each session lasts for several minutes and delivers a therapeutic light stimulus while users interact with virtual reality content. The virtual reality content includes mini-games, a customizable avatar, and interactive quests. A variety of fun and educational content means that MyopiaX® is always engaging for users.

Our Partners

Dopavision is funded as part of the BMBF’s Industry-in-Clinic Platform Program (FKZ: 13GW0625)