Our Product: MyopiaX®

MyopiaX® is an application for smartphones that aims to slow the progression of myopia in children. The digital treatment is designed to be used by children aged 6 to 14 with progressive myopia. It is a non-invasive, digital treatment that is portable and fun for children to use.  

MyopiaX® will be evaluated in clinical trials conducted across Europe. Our goal is to be certified as a medical device under the EU medical device regulation (MDR). 

What it Does

Whilst playing the exciting game, we provide a special light stimulus displayed on top of the game that targets and activates certain cells in the retina. These stimulated cells elevate dopamine levels in the retina with the aim of slowing the progression of myopia.  

How to use it

Simply open the MyopiaX® app on the smartphone and start a gameplay session. Each gameplay session lasts for several minutes. Two sessions should be played to completion every day. Use the app to track performance and adherence to ensure all sessions are being completed.

Our App

The app is an Android mobile application and together with a virtual reality headset and a Bluetooth controller makes up MyopiaX®. It is developed specifically for children, providing a fun and exciting treatment, while adhering to medical device regulations to ensure safety for everyday use.  

About the app

From the MyopiaX® app, launch a gameplay session, keep track of usage and performance to optimize treatment, customize daily availability, and much more. Healthcare providers can also adjust some parameters in the app specifically to suit individual treatment needs. 

The Virtual Reality Game

The MyopiaX® virtual reality game is an exciting test of reaction speed, memory, and object recognition. A variety of different levels means that MyopiaX® is always fun to use. We are currently developing more new features and games that will be added soon.

The Science Behind MyopiaX®

The MyopiaX ®  app has been developed and tested with target users and the technology has been verified in pre-clinical models with leading myopia research partners. The app – in conjunction with a virtual reality headset and suitable controller – will be evaluated in a clinical trial. Visit our science page for more details.

Our Partner

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